Friday, August 27, 2010

Are lady bugs lucky?

Sultry August afternoon in GA on the front porch of my house. Looked up and saw this lovely lady bug! Grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I've always heard lady bugs are lucky.

I love thier polk-a-dots in red and black pattern.
Thanks for the inspiration Wanda S. Horton (@WandaSHorton) and Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo (@abcddesigns) who both have beautiful imagery and words in their blogs!
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Tom & Ace our cats adventures on the front porch

I wonder which of these baby tomato plants gave me the fine tomato sandwich i had for breakfast this morning?
This spider had a big lunch that day!

"What is it?"

Tom His Royal Fattiness!

Ace reminds me of a lion sitting like that...

what do you think Ace is looking at?
good night!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Writing a bio

Have you ever sat down and tried to write a bio about yourself? If it's the first time for you it might be as hard for you as it was for me.
So, take a deep breath and look at the computer again or your favorite piece of paper and begin. Keep in mind your positive qualities. This isn't a time to share all your flaws. We all have them of course but when you are telling the public about yourself it's not the time to let all that hang out. Take a couple of deep breaths and think about what you like. I started with a simple set of Who, What, & Where, questions for myself, about myself. I had to actually just pull out a piece of paper and a pencil to compose. I've found that if I get the pencil out my thoughts seem to form easier. Maybe my muse lies inside the pencil lead.
So once you answer those questions pretty simply, begin to expound on them just a bit. If you are like me it will probably take about a hundred revisions, but keep at it and the thoughts will eventually turn into sentences that actually make sense to someone other than yourself. I like to talk and I write like I talk so I tend to go on a bit. If you are afraid of having too much to say like I am then ask a friend to be your editor. I already asked Suzanne Chace (@suedaisy of and my business partner to be my "ruthless editor". She said she would be happy to help.
I feel much better about where I am now with the bio. I have a good rough draft and can revise a couple of times before emailing it over to see what her response is.

So why am I writing my bio you might be wondering? Great question! I am thrilled to be the next host of #IDZinechat on Twitter coming this September 16th at 8:00 pm.

"We are sponsor-free as our interest is in creating an open-forum, in order to engage with consumers and to educate about all things related to the world of design. It keeps us unburdened with being beholding to any manufacturer or product. Why do we do this? We are interested in what you want to know about us, about products, about design problems to be solved, and to offer you great decision-making tools, regarding your projects."

~Wanda of Interior Concepts by Wanda S. Horton

I hope if you are struggling trying to pull together your resume' or a bio for your web page that you will remember one thing from this blog: Remain positive and list your strengths and the things you enjoy!
As always would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Never trust directions provided on an event's web page... and if you do...

Be prepared for the most unexpected event location you might ever want to see! I'm telling you! Suzanne @suedaisy and I were bound for the @startupchics social media event in Atlanta. Well let me tell you... Always double check your directions. When you are headed downtown especially. There are some not so savory parts of town, like any large city I've ever been to... So being lost in certain sections of downtown Atlanta is not a good idea for anyone. Luckily there is strength in numbers. Alright, I'll get to it already...
5th St East Point GA
We ended up in East Point GA. We found ourselves in a residential area and at first were like OK we will get there after we get out of this part... Then @suedaisy said hey it's looking nicer over this way. We kept following the directions she had copied down from the event's web page. The one's they had provided. We hadn't used our GPS or anything up until this point. So I pulled out my iphone punched in the address provided and found there were three options... The one we were at (WRONG) and two others. Guessed the 2nd one on the list. And off we go... @suedaisy driving around, looking for the meeting. Telling ourselves "we will make it and they will have saved the best speaker for last right?"... At this point we ask ourselves "do we keep going or go home?" Hey, we were two moms with kids already taken care of for the evening. We didn't find the meeting...
5th st Atlanta GA
We found... That if two friends choose to make lemonade out of lemons, then neither one freaks out, neither over reacts, or jumps all over the other. Instead you find the comedy in the evening and have fun anyway! We decided to grab some dinner... There was this great smelling BBQ that was filling the air with such an aroma. I realized how hungry I was! We hit 5th St BBQ and then found our way to the Barnes & Nobles ( down the street. Right smack dab in the middle of  GEORGIA TECH campus. Yeah, I might have overdressed for a college town adventure, but @suedaisy and I made the best of it. We grabbed our new books to inspire us for our new adventures and then like the super moms that we are headed home to tuck our little boys in for the night...

Have you ever made lemonade out of lemons like we did? We got to know each other better. Not such a bad idea! We are creating a small business empire together. Learning about one another kinda ranks up there on importance don't you think?
Let me know your thoughts. I love comments!

Monday, August 2, 2010

goto grls 4 social media marketing

I am pleased to introduce to you a new blog from @suedaisy and @swaygrl. Our efforts combined bring you a new approach to marketing for the 21st century!
We are YOUR "goto grls 4 social media marketing"