Monday, May 30, 2011

Empire Avenue

I'm hooked! How about you? Have you logged in and started investing in your friends and contacts yet? This site: has quickly become a new favorite of mine to visit daily. A friend of mine Dwayne Kilbourne (@dwaynekilbourne) from our monthly #ChirpWdstck meetings, shared this site with us at our last tweet up. I will admit I was hesitant at first, like twitter in the beginning I thought no not one more thing, but just as I discovered with twitter, Empire Avenue has its own unique benefits for a social media person like me. Dwayne said on his profile that EA is like going to the "gym" for your social media apps. I found out quickly in the chats that there are folks to help guide you through the beginning stages. In no time I was buying stocks in friends and had finished my profile. I found friends from twitter who were already participating on EA and started "purchasing" their stock. Because of my great contact list on both my main social media avenues (twitter & facebook) I already knew many "great stock" to invest in off the bat! I'm having fun looking at graphs and seeing who's going up and who's diving down in value! I never thought I'd be one to enjoy anything to do with the stock market (too many numbers in my mind) but EA has made the numbers social... Bam, that was all it took!

I hope you'll try it out and see if this is a site you'd enjoy! I've already made great new contacts in social media, and they in turn connect with you on all your other social media sites. Its just one more fun way to keep the conversation going and to make great new connections that could impact your life for the better... For real! :)

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According to

"'Activity' simply means how often you use that channel, posting statuses, tweets, comments, photos or whatever other content you might add."

"'Audience' is the size of the network of individuals that receives your content."

"Most importantly, "Interaction" considers the reaction of your audience to the content you post: the more they comment, retweet, 'like', favorite, or otherwise respond to your content, the greater the Interaction portion of your Network Score will be."

So sign up, grab some Eaves and start investing! I think you'll be enjoying it as much as I do in no time!

Let me know what you think of it here in the comments or you can always send me a tweet @swaygrl on twitter!

As always thanks for reading my blog!