Thursday, January 13, 2011

Having a blog here and there

How many blogs do you have? I think I might have too many. But the way things are these days everything changing so fast it almost seems necessary to have more than one. I have found it more difficult to daily update from this particular blog. I find it more intimidating and for some reason more formal than some of the other blog sites I have recently started up. I didn't like wordpress at all. It was cumbersome and difficult to learn. I don't like difficult. There are too many things to get done in a day for difficult. So I began using this site. It's been fun, but like I said, I have run into several reasons why I just don't post on this site as much. I start things and then fail to post them...
Well you wanna know which ones I'm fond of now? I found tumblr not more than a week ago, and while I'm still trying to figure it out, I'm fascinated and having a blast posting pictures, texts, quotes, and links. It's also easy to update and blog right from my iphone. So if I snap a picture and feel like blogging about it, that luxury is available where I haven't found a way to do that here. The other one I just found a day or so ago is also available on my iphone and it's a picture blogging app. It is called instagram. I am in love with the way you add fun effects to your photos right from your phone and post and share them right away.
What blogs have you found that you like? Is there one that will win out over all the rest? Share your thoughts with me!

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Thanks for following me here. I'm not giving up on blogger just yet!


  1. blogger is cumbersome... tumblr is fun.. more of a snapshot... i think stream of consciousness = tumblr... thoughtful informative post = blogger!

  2. I think you nailed it on the head for me suedaisy. i'm much more of a stream of consciousness kinda gal! Yaya that's prob why I prefer tumblr too! woot! gogrlgo!~