Monday, May 21, 2012

Mad for Mid-Century Modern olioboard room design

Mad for Mid Century Blue days

My latest creation. "Mad for Mid-Century Modern"

Mid-century Modern is my personal favorite interior design style! This room was inspired from watching Mad Men on AMC and I started it to enter one of the fun contests on I dream of being a set decorator for a show like that! Wouldn't that be such a cool job! As an interior designer in the suburbs of  Atlanta, I've yet to come across a client who will let me go all out mid-century modern. I've been lucky to add a few touches here and there with some of my clients who would be considered transitional in style....But as a whole, it's not as hot here in the south as I imagine it must be in NYC.

I used the wallpaper because it just felt retro to me. The sofa just screams mid-century and reminds me of one I've seen on Mad Men. I would love one just like it in my own dream home! The tea cart is just so sweet and I can imagine the fellas in the office at Mad Men gathering around and getting their drinks and toasts going for the latest successful client deal they signed. The lamps are just a perfect touch with that sofa. And who wouldn't want to try out those crazy modern looking chairs! My color pallet is very retro in it's nature. Turquoise, yellow and gray are hot combinations now, but they are from back in the 60's too!

Do you  ever notice in fashion and interior design the way trends come back around? My mom Nancy of and I have had some great conversations about this very subject.  We haven't come up with the exact number of years that we think trends come back around, but we have had a lot of fun thinking about it. What if you kept all your stuff for 25 years? Would it be back in style again by then? Would you still love it? I think unless you had some great storage or a lot of  money  that keeping your furniture and accessories for that long would be difficult. I know I'd be sick of my stuff after a few years... Unless it was something that wasn't trendy, a piece of forever furniture. Where do you get forever furniture? I have a few ideas. If you'd like to find out contact us at Niche by design, and I'll be happy to share them with you!

Would you like your home filled with treasures like these?

I'm thinking of updating my board and adding more items on

What do you think of it so far?  Please leave me a comment below! As always thanks for reading!


  1. GReat Blog love that look!

  2. Really like your new blog! You know me though - the room is too clean and airy and beautiful - but great for inspiration to come back to my cluttered artworld!!

  3. Deb it needs some of your cool art added to it! :) next board after i finish the oliohop blog will be an art focused room... I'll try and incorporate your art!xo