Monday, July 30, 2012

#MomHop #OlioHop Spots for Mom to escape to using Olioboard

Good morning! I hope you've grabbed your coffee and are ready for a little fun with #MomSpots for our Monday #OlioHop.

I have an active 12 year old son so I understand the desire to have a space of your very own. When you are a mom, it can be difficult to even begin to find a serene spot in your home to enjoy just the things you love or just unwind. Here are a few dreamy moodboards I've created on olioboard that I think any mom (especially me) would love to escape to! The first one is a recent creation. I designed it to be a multi-purpose office/craft room.

"#MomHop #OlioHop Serene Craft Room and Office"#MomHop #OlioHop Serene Craft Room and Office

I thought with enough storage and organization one room could be used for both. I love beading, creating custom jewlery and making glass pendants for necklaces. If you are into crafting, then you already know that with this hobby comes lots of little things that need to be available to use to make your creations. I fell in love with the Bella Display Cabinet from Old Biscayne Designs on this moodboard right away. The glass lends itself to making it easy to see what you have stored and yet create a way to put away all those things in a gorgeous piece of furniture. I can just imagine the shelves lined with my beading supplies arranged neatly in separate storage bins. If you'd like to check out more of the items on this board once you click on the moodboard, you can see a list of the items below to discover what other designer brands I used in this and my other boards. 

"Client Living Room Board"

Client Living Room Board
 The moodboard above was inspired from an actual client's living room. We designed this room for our client with the special intent of making it a room in the house just for her. Every other room in her home needed to be child friendly as she has two small little boys under the age of 4.

From the initial concept all the way to the finishing touches; the main specification for us as designers was to create a little haven for our client. We told her, this is one room you get to say is off limits to your boys. This is the one room you can escape to when you want a moment of peace and quite. Every time we go back and visit with her she tells us that this is her favorite room in her home. The wall color is even a relaxing favorite from Benjamin Moore paints called woodlawn blue.  

This next moodboard I created after reading Jennifer Duchene's book "Le Chic Cocoon" If you are looking for ways to create your very own #MomSpot then you should definitively read this book!  Even if you aren't a mother it's a wonderful inspirational book with pointers on how to get started creating your own "selfish space". It also makes it very clear that it is okay to want and need a spot of your own. I think we are so often taught to be unselfish as women in general.The book really opened my eyes and explained why having a "selfish space" is vital for everyone in the family, not just me! 

"Stanford Furniture Julie Browning Bova Collection" 

Stanford Furniture Julie Browning Bova collection

I hope you've been inspired by some of my moodboards to create some of your very own dreamy moodboards on olioboard. Please make sure to #OlioHop on over to these other fabulous design bloggers for our #MomSpots #MomHop. We all heart comments! Thanks and Happy #OlioHopping...


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  1. I love the patterns and textures in your last board, and the use of a real life client's Mom Spot! Duel use spaces are essential when the likelihood of having multiple Mom Spots is slim to none! Happy OlioHop!

  2. I love last room's right up my alley. Neutral color palette with a hint of turquoise. Simply beautiful!! So happy to be part of the #OlioHop with you:)

  3. Love that you chose a multi-purpose space--that's my reality! Great sharing of all of your boards--so inspirational. Julie at Simply Savvy

  4. Great Room Olivia. It's seems the reigning color for momspots today is turquoise. Great design board!!!

  5. Thanks y'all! I really appreciate the comments! It's so fun to #OlioHop and engage with each others posts and creations! What a great way to begin the week! :)

  6. Such a great job on your boards! lOVE THE COLOURS!!! Every as peaceful as they get!!

    So fun boarding with ya again!

  7. Love your teal wall! GORG! Nice space for Mom's Place!

  8. I love one mood board more than the next! I think the last is my favorite- great use of pattern and tones- very serene! Great boards- Happy OlioHopping!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

  9. You get a standing ovation for the craft room/office combo! Just brilliant Olivia!

  10. Y'alls comments have made my week! Thanks so much for the fun #OlioHop and taking time out of your busy days to comment and like my boards! #OlioLove to you all!