Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"the let down"

Have you ever done something that made you so proud of yourself? Then the next thing you know it wasn't enough? This event planning thing is amazing and exciting (which is part of the reason I love it) but I'm beginning to think it's a bit addictive.
I can admit I'm somewhat of a drama queen. After all I was a theater major in college. I do love the dramatic side of life... Events are dramatic and fun. Everyone dresses up and behaves nicely. We all enjoy a good party! But then sometime the next day or week a sudden plummet downward begins. That emotional roller coaster ride starts to hit the bottom. The let down of the party being over.
What's next? ...Is what I keep thinking. How can I do this again,bigger, and better? How can I actually monetize this new passion I have found... Don't get me wrong following my passion is thrilling and rewarding... But I gotta get paid too!!!! I can't keep giving out all this energy and time without some financial gain. I know others are capitalizing on the social media buzz being so hot. So what do I have to do?
My first event was a real learning experience. I didn't expect to make a dime... I didn't. I even had to pay out of pocket for using and some print marketing. I know big numbers help, but how do you have a free event and make $$$? This puzzles me, but I am determined to find out. Thankfully, I have some great friends on twitter and facebook that are ready and willing to help me learn. It's amazing to me how the community of twitter is so willing to help a newbie like me out! Its fantastic!

So whoever is willing to post a reply to this short little blog about events and the emotional roller coaster ride, I'm willing to give a prize to. I can offer my designer shopping service for one hour free to find something interior design related if you post a helpful hint for me on either how to make $ from events or how to get good sponsors for my events.
Thanks for reading this... Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Maybe create a press release about yourself for local newspapers. Talk about an event you are doing, about yourself. Submit to online events too. Give a free workshop at a local Borders/Barns and Noble or Library for example brides to be. Talk to a manager and find when you can have your seminar.

    This short 40 minute free workshop, you wont charge, will be how you get to see your potential customers. Have a sign in sheet to get their contact info. ((Ofcourse for this event prior to it, you should submit that press release I talked about above to the newspapers, tv stations, etc.)) You want people to know you're ready for business.

    Discuss event basices, withought giving too much away. Let them see that it's a big production and that you're prepared to meet their needs. There you will have business cards, pamphlets, DVD of some of your work, even if you have to stage a couple.

    The key is to let them know you are an expert, even though in reality, you're a beginner. You have to let them feel that their event is safe with you and you're going to make their dreams come true.

    I wish you well. Let me know how things turn out for you. :)